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R&D and Services

R&D and Services
Our R&D team with its experience in light dosimetry in the medical field can help you to choose the optimal product for your application or to define the specification of a new device. We can work together since idea to a commercial medical product compliant with regulatory requirement, or at any stage of your project:


  • Definition of the device specifications (medical and regulatory requirements)
  • New concept verification
  • New design validation
  • Prototyping
  • Technical documentation
  • Clinical validation
  • Regulatory requirements

Innovative illumination concept

For each organ, a specific device for an optimal illumination

Smart concept for uniform illumination of the entire internal surface of complex cavities. The technology is based on cooperative illuminating spheres. One application is in the illumination of the thoracic cage for PDT of mesothelioma.

Medlight is looking for support to investigate and develop this new concept and produce prototypes for clinical investigation (Patent pending).

Uterus Optimal Illumination Uterus Optimal Illumination 2 Uterus Optimal Illumination 3


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