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Frontal Diffuser
The FD Frontal Light Distributor is a light delivery catheter consisting of a fused silica laser fiber, a proximal standard laser connector and a distal microlens tip. This device is intended to transmit light from a laser source to the device tip and to obtain a uniform circular illumination spot in front of the end surface of the tip.
The small 2 mm overall diameter of the device allows endoscopic use through the working channel of standard flexible endoscopes.
Frontal Light


- ENT (Mouth)
- Skin

Frontal Light

The device is ideal for precise irradiation of a variety of organs treated with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in patients or animals (skin, head and neck, lungs, etc.). The uniform light pattern is also perfectly suited for illuminating cell cultures or to be used as a calibration source for light sensors.


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