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Cylindrical Light Diffuser CE 1253

Cylindrical Light diffuser
The Cylindrical Light Diffuser is an optical fiber based catheter. A standard optical connector allows coupling of the device with a laser source. An optical fiber guides the light from the proximal to the distal end of the device. The distal extremity is an illumination tip which uniformly distributes along its length the light transmitted by the optical fiber.

The Cylindrical Light Diffuser is a single-use sterile device, intended for use in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for the endoscopic delivery of light in hollow organs.
Several illumination lengths can be selected to adapt the illumination length to the lesion extension.

Model RD Download pdf technical data pdf

1.The Cylindrical Light Diffuser Model RD is based on a plastic optical fiber. The plastic optical fiber makes the catheter very flexible. This model is recommended in endoscopic PDT applications where high bending of the catheter is required, for the cholangiocarcinoma PDT treatment for instance.
2. RD Model cannot be used at any wavelength due to the low transmission of the plastic fiber at some wavelengths. Please see the technical documentation for details or contact the company for specific application.
3. The Cylindrical Light Diffuser Model RD shows 2 radiomarker bands, one at each side of the diffusing tip.

Model RD-ML Download pdf technical data pdf

1. The Cylindrical Light Diffuser Model RD-ML is based on a glass op tical fiber. It shows the same transmission at any visible/NIR wavelength.
2. Not recommended when high bending is required.

Both models are compatible with the Diffusing Balloon Catheters model CDB

Cylindrical Light Diffuser


- Biliary duct
- Oesophagus
- Lung
- etc

Cylindrical Light Diffuser


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