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Balloon Catheter
The Diffusing Balloon Catheter is a soft cylindrical balloon catheter with translucent diffusing walls. Used with a radial light diffuser, Model RD or RD-ML (not included), the Diffusing Balloon Catheter, guaranties a homogeneous illumination of biological tissues in contact with the balloon walls.


- Oesophagus
- Lung

Diffusing Balloon Catheter

The compliant property of its walls allows the balloon to adapt its shape to the lumen geometry and consequently to obtain an accurate light dosimetry in hollow organs such as in ENT and gastroenterological endoscopic sites.

The small overall balloon diameter (when deflated) and the high flexibility of the catheter allow endoscopic use through the working channel of standard endoscopes. Once in place, the balloon is inflated with saline and adapts its shape to the lumen.

Different cylindrical Diffusing Balloon Catheter models are proposed, with various dimensions of the illumination window. CDB-LB model is well suited in lung applications; CDB-OEB model is adapted to esophagus dimensions.


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